What Fabrics Are Good For Tote Bags?

Nowadays, it seems like you’re going to spot people carrying tote bags everywhere you go, and you can’t blame them. Tote bags are genius! Whether you are headed to school, work, the gym, or even just a casual day out, tote bags have become a perfect functional everyday staple in society. Seeing as totes are unique in their versatility, it is best to make or purchase — or make — them in the best fabrics that are durable and fit your lifestyle. These are the best fabrics for tote bags:

  1. Cotton Tote Bags

Cotton is a great fabric choice for tote bags. The material is sturdy, looks great, holds up pretty impressively, and comes in several prints and colours to suit anyone’s taste. We use cotton very frequently in our everyday lives, from clothes, towels, personal items, and even bed sheets. It is a very resilient fabric that can be as washed and cleaned easily as frequently as the bag needs to be.

Depending on the intended purpose of your tote bag, the type of cotton you choose may be the sturdier kinds or the thinner kinds. Also, depending on what kind of cotton you prefer, you may need to include extra supporting materials such as a stiff fusible interface or stabilizers.

  1. Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas fabric is a plain-woven fabric derived from cotton and sometimes linen. Like its parent fabric, the canvas is notoriously sturdy and highly resilient to wear and tear. These features make it a go-to fabric choice for tote bags intended for more heavy-duty purposes and everyday use.

Canvas is also easy to wash and excellent at retaining colour, making it an ideal fabric for printing and colouring. Although it is a derivative of cotton, a sustainable fabric, canvas has its disadvantages. Manufacturing canvas from cotton is both biohazardous and expensive.

  1. Denim Tote Bags

Denim is one fabric that is notorious for being sturdy and matching nearly everything. For as long as anyone can remember, denim has been an evergreen fashion trend that does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Tote bags made with denim are sure to weather anything they face, and although they might not be as easy to wash as other fabric options, they can be just as reliable.

  1. Jute Tote Bags

Jute fabric is made of soft, shiny fibre that has been spun and woven into coarse, strong threads, suitable for any heavy-duty purposes. Jute is an admirably sustainable and biodegradable fabric made from a plant of the same name. A tote bag made from this material can be trusted to be both strong and eco-friendly, although they are hard to wash and clean. This fabric typically lasts relatively long and proves resilient despite not being the best fabric choice for colouring and printing.

  1. Mesh Tote Bags

Mesh is a great fabric choice for tote bags intended for more lightweight and simpler purposes like laundry and grocery shopping. There are various kinds of mesh fabric to pick from, depending on the type of activities you will be engaging in. Vinyl mesh, polyester mesh, and nylon are great choices for use at the beach, the store, or even light travelling.

Don’t forget to Waterproof!

There are several waterproof fabrics to choose from for keeping water away from the contents of your tote bag. These fabrics include polyester, nylon, poplin, oilcloth, polyester fleece, vinyl, plastic, polyurethane Laminate(PUL), and Thermoplastic Polyurethane.

Tote bags are versatile, unique, fashionable, and, most importantly, extremely durable. You can be sure to get the best of your tote bags when you pick the suitable fabric. Studying the materials mentioned above is surely a great place to start!

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