Where in Canada Can I Buy Fabric?

Hello everyone! Today I have decided to expose a few of the Canadian treasures that I have unearthed…i.e. Fabric Stores!!! If you also stay in Canada, you’re probably aware of how hard it can be to get quality fabric.

There may be a small quilt shop that you have never noticed. Someone that quilts may have a few suggestions- ask them. Or if you want to get other kinds of fabrics, you could ask someone that sews their clothes. They may also have some ideas.

Canadian Online Fabric stores:

If you can’t find what you need locally, there are tons of online options. I’ve put together a shortlist of the ones I’ve seen.

  • L’Oiseau Fabrics is a beautiful shop based in Calgary, Alberta. Their European fabrics selection is lovely, and they also have an option where members get a 10% discount on every purchase.
  • Blackbird Fabrics is based in Vancouver, BC. Their specialty is organic and environment-friendly fabrics. Their selection of basic Fabric is good for tops and pants.
  • FridaysOff is another lovely online store in Toronto, Ontario. Their fabric selection is pretty impressive. My experience with them was great; shipping was fast, and the Fabric was in good condition. They also have an option where members are mailed a bundle of Fabric every week. Very intriguing!
  • Riverside Textiles is a recently opened store that offers options for pick-up and online deliveries. Their prints are modern and versatile with mid-range prices.


I would love to receive feedback on the list I’ve made. Feel free to leave comments and give suggestions where you buy your fabric online.

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