Pocket Cloth Mask Tutorial

With the surge in corona virus cases, masks are greatly in demand. In this article, I will show you how to make pocket cloth mask.

Materials (One Mask):
  • A quarter of a yard of a hundred percent cotton.
  • All-purpose thread.
  • 14-inches of a quarter-inch of elastic.
  • 4-inches of flexible metal for the nose piece.
  • Using the dimensions 8 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches, cut three squares.
  • For the ear bands, you’ll need two sets of 7-inch elastic.
  • 4-inches of flexible metal for the nose piece.
  • Align the edges of two of the squares, fold them in half, iron the crease and open them out again.
  • Use a pin to mark the crease 2-inches in on both sides and sew the marked portions.
  • Fold the fabric to expose the hole in the center.
  • On the third square, measure half an inch from the corners and pin the elastic on them.
  • Put the squares with the hole on the third square. The elastic should be between them. Then sew the edges with a quarter inch seam allowance, steering clear of the elastic.
  • Insert the nose piece through one of the edges without elastic and sew it to keep it at the edge.
  • Fold the squares in three ways and iron them out to give you three folded corners. Sew them close to the edges.
  • You may choose to add a filter fabric.

Your mask is all done!

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