The Best Sewing Machines for Beginners

So you want to get a sewing machine? Don’t be confused. Let me help you. There are three types of sewing supplies: machines; electronic, mechanical, and computerized. Mechanical is the most basic kind.

Mechanical Sewing Machine

It functions with mechanical gears as well as belts. A dial calibrates the length, width, and type of stitches. Previously, they were manually powered, but today, they use electricity.

What Machine Do I Use?

My faithful sewing companion is an older mechanical machine from 1954 (a Pfaff). It works perfectly and sews through almost anything. Most of the older machine models are durable and easy to use. With proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

How to Choose a New Mechanical Machine

In buying machines, the cheapest is not always the easiest. Always go for the ones that have metal, not plastic gears. Most domestic sewing machines have a plastic exterior but should have metal gears inside to be fully functional. The Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine is a good option for beginners.

Before selecting a machine, consider visiting a store to familiarize yourself with the different machines. You can also talk to the dealer.

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