Sewing Supplies

Ever wondered what should be on your shopping list as a designer? Here are a few items from mine;
Pins help you keep your edges aligned. They are like extra hands that make your sewing easier and neater.
Magnetic Pin Cushion
One misplaced pin can do a lot of harm. That is why I consider this item an absolute necessity. You could even use them to scan the area for pins after sewing.
Sewing Clips
They are similar to pins but less dangerous. Sewing clips can be used to hold bundles of fabric together.
Sometimes, it is necessary to sew by hand when doing finishes or …

The Best Sewing Machines for Beginners

So you want to get a sewing machine? Don’t be confused. Let me help you. There are three types of sewing supplies: machines; electronic, mechanical, and computerized. Mechanical is the most basic kind.
Mechanical Sewing Machine
It functions with mechanical gears as well as belts. A dial calibrates the length, width, and type of stitches. Previously, they were manually powered, but today, they use electricity.
What Machine Do I Use?
My faithful sewing companion is an older …

Pocket Cloth Mask Tutorial

With the surge in corona virus cases, masks are greatly in demand. In this article, I will show you how to make pocket cloth mask.
Materials (One Mask):

A quarter of a yard of a hundred percent cotton.
All-purpose thread.
14-inches of a quarter-inch of elastic.
4-inches of flexible metal for the nose piece.


Using the dimensions 8 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches, cut three squares.
For the ear bands, you’ll need two sets of 7-inch elastic.
4-inches of flexible metal for the nose piece.


Align the edges of …

Reclaimed, Deadstock, and Vintage Fabric Resources

If you can’t find what you need locally, there are tons of online options. I’ve put together a shortlist of the ones I’ve seen.

L’Oiseau Fabrics is a beautiful shop based in Calgary, Alberta. Their European fabrics selection is lovely, and they also have an option where members get a 10% discount on every purchase.
Blackbird Fabrics is based in Vancouver, BC. Their specialty is organic and environment-friendly fabrics. Their selection of basic Fabric is good for tops and pants.
FridaysOff is another lovely online store in Toronto, Ontario. Their fabric selection is pretty impressive. My …

Where in Canada Can I Buy Fabric?

Hello everyone! Today I have decided to expose a few of the Canadian treasures that I have unearthed…i.e. Fabric Stores!!! If you also stay in Canada, you’re probably aware of how hard it can be to get quality fabric.
There may be a small quilt shop that you have never noticed. Someone that quilts may have a few suggestions- ask them. Or if you want to get other kinds of fabrics, you could ask someone that sews their clothes. They may also have some ideas.
Canadian Online Fabric stores:
If you can’t find what you need locally, there are tons of online options. I’ve put …

Adventures in Shoemaking: Desert Boots at Art & Sole Academy

It had been a desire of mine to take a class in shoemaking in the Art & Sole Academy in East Toronto. So I went ahead to take an intermediate workshop class for the actual shoemaking.
I choose to make desert boots. Our instructor was great and she spent time guiding each of us through the process individually.
Using this wonderful kid suede and magenta lambskin material I had purchased, I cut out pattern pieces from both of them. I got those pieces by taping up the wooden form on which the shoe is built with masking tape. After which I used a sewing machine to sew it all together.
The next step that followed was …

Vintage Patterns: Butterick 6796

Vintage patterns are one of my favorites. Again, I decided to dabble into making a vintage-style dress for myself.
This time I got inspired by the Butterick 6796, a vintage style dress that is a bit more unique. It has a darted bodice with a gathered rectangular skirt. I love how charming it is with an adjustable neckline that I am very comfortable with. The sleeves are just long enough to cover the upper arm and that makes it just perfect for what I had in mind.
After considering several options, I decided to use a Japanese cotton lawn with a pattern of little houses on it that made the whole fabric look simply charming. I…

Making My First Ever Burda 6462 Wool Coat

I challenged myself once more on this project because a wool coat wasn’t just something I needed for fashion but also for practical use. I had given out one of my favourite and long used coats for charity so I needed something to help me cope during the 5-degree weather of the fall season.
After a long hard search through the Indie pattern scene, I eventually stumbled upon the Burda 6462 and I loved it. It was just right and practical enough for my wardrobe, considering the amount and type of wool material I had to work with. Plus, I had heard plenty of good things about Burda’s drafting, so I knew it was the right choice.

Making a Self-Drafted Satin Dress

Dresses like these are quite special, my experience with making this satin dress started when I came across the material while shopping online. Usually, I don’t like working with this type of material but the floral print caught my eye and I knew it would be a great opportunity to leap outside my comfort zone to do something I had never done before.
Since I already had something in mind, I got started on it right away. I was inspired by a dress that I had been eying in one of the boutiques where I shop and had been meaning to get it for a while now. It just always seemed way above my budget, so the moment I had everything I needed…

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