Making My First Ever Burda 6462 Wool Coat

I challenged myself once more on this project because a wool coat wasn’t just something I needed for fashion but also for practical use. I had given out one of my favourite and long used coats for charity so I needed something to help me cope during the 5-degree weather of the fall season.

After a long hard search through the Indie pattern scene, I eventually stumbled upon the Burda 6462 and I loved it. It was just right and practical enough for my wardrobe, considering the amount and type of wool material I had to work with. Plus, I had heard plenty of good things about Burda’s drafting, so I knew it was the right choice.

The next thing I needed to do was meticulously sift through different fabrics to find the right one to use because every cent that would go into this would matter and I needed my money’s worth.

Once that had been sorted, I went right into it following the instructions that were in my Vogue Sewing Book. I also followed many online lessons and tutorials on working with wool material and after about a month of painstaking effort I was done. For the buttons, I had to hand-make them using matching embroidery thread.

Making this was challenging but the end product was very satisfying and well worth it. I am glad I have a fall coat that’s also loose enough to take in a few extra layers on the inside that not only keeps me warm but also makes me look fashionable.

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