Sewing Supplies

Ever wondered what should be on your shopping list as a designer? Here are a few items from mine;


Pins help you keep your edges aligned. They are like extra hands that make your sewing easier and neater.

Magnetic Pin Cushion

One misplaced pin can do a lot of harm. That is why I consider this item an absolute necessity. You could even use them to scan the area for pins after sewing.

Sewing Clips

They are similar to pins but less dangerous. Sewing clips can be used to hold bundles of fabric together.


Sometimes, it is necessary to sew by hand when doing finishes or when hemming a fabric. Needles usually have different sizes for different materials and sewing styles.


A thimble is a necessary safety precaution. They can be uncomfortable initially, but feel natural once you get used to them. They come in various colors and are not expensive.

Tailor’s Chalk

I use these to mark fabric, especially those with dark colors. Regular chalk can be used as an alternative.

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