Making a Self-Drafted Satin Dress

Dresses like these are quite special, my experience with making this satin dress started when I came across the material while shopping online. Usually, I don’t like working with this type of material but the floral print caught my eye and I knew it would be a great opportunity to leap outside my comfort zone to do something I had never done before.

Since I already had something in mind, I got started on it right away. I was inspired by a dress that I had been eying in one of the boutiques where I shop and had been meaning to get it for a while now. It just always seemed way above my budget, so the moment I had everything I needed, I decided to make it myself!

Making this dress wasn’t an easy process. I had to bring out my old sloper because it was specifically made for me and I would need it to able to make a blouson bodice that would fit my body just right.

I lined it with cotton or silk material to support the drapery nature of the satin. The pleats for the dress were especially difficult and I had to research how to make professional pleats.

After about a week of combined outsourcing and hand-stitching, I finally finished and I must say I am very satisfied with the finished product. I am eagerly looking forward to the special occasion where I will get to wear this dress.

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